Sugar Maxx


1.  Sugar Maxx is a blend of natural plant root exudates.

2.  Root exudates are a liquid secreted by plant’s roots. Sugar Maxx is organic and natural.

3.  Root exudates feed the beneficial bacteria in the soil. These bacteria are critical — they break down the fertilizer, making it available to the plant.

4.  Remember, plants don’t have a stomach to break down the fertilizer, they must rely on bacteria for this critical function.

5.  The bacteria are so important to the plant, the plant invests approximately 25% of the energy from photosynthesis to feed these soil bacteria.

6.  Sugar Maxx root exudates replaces the root exudates the plant normally must invest to feed the bacteria. This saves the plant a significant amount of energy.

7.  The plant can use this energy to develop a larger root structure, larger canopy and higher yields.